Game Art Cheatsheet

A guide to the most common glitches in game art and how to solve them.

How to fix mesh in Unity, broken lighting in Unreal, messed up textures and more!

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Project files for YouTube series


Asset files from YouTube tutorials

The archive contains all assets and maps - textures, models, materials, blueprints - presented in Tech Art Aid Unreal tutorials on YouTube. Get the package to experiment with the assets and to see the final solutions.

Projects include: instanced asteroid belt, stealth invisibility post process, gradient mapping, procedurally textured building and more.

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Test scenes for graphics profiling

This is an Unreal Engine project which contains scenes used in Graphics Profiling tutorial series. It includes a bonus scene: volumetric lighting!

Experiment freely to see how far you can go with improving performance. The package contains heavy and optimized versions of the scene, so you can compare the impact of each feature.

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Tools and plugins


Flipbook Viewer for UE4

The plugin is a convenient editor window in which you can play a VFX flipbook (spritesheet) instantly.

Its features include a custom frame range, quick levels adjustments, black body, different backgrounds and blend modes.